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 Learn To Attract Money

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PostSubject: Learn To Attract Money   Mon Dec 27, 2010 6:26 pm

There are many ways that you can implement the Law of Attraction and today I’d like to talk to you about Thought Shifting and Quantum Shifting. They are methods created and used by a lady named Pam Ragland who has a gift to be able to clear the negativity in our subconscious minds that block us from achieving our goals. You see when we came into this world we were immediately bombarded with information from our surroundings. We learned that it was ok do this and not ok to do that. We were even told how were supposed to live our lives. As babies and young children we just soaked it all in not even knowing it. As these beliefs or rules got implanted into our minds we started to vibrate on those frequencies. And a lot of those things that we learned were negative thoughts that have become an automatic part of us.

For example, I learned in my household that I would never amount to anything unless I went to college and got a degree. I was told that I would be a bum begging for money on the street unless I went to school and found “a good job”. Well, let me tell you that is simply not true! I have a college degree and it’s not directly responsible for my success. There are so many people out there who are so incredibly successful without even having finished high school! So clearly I was taught something that wasn’t even true and the sad thing is that I believed it. But I have no reason to anymore. I don’t even think that a college degree is necessary to earn a ton of money! If there are millionaires out there who didn’t even finish high school, why wouldn’t anyone else be able to do it too? Ask yourself, why do we believe these things? How did I learn to have this particular relationship to money?

So think about it. If you were taught that you had to work really hard to earn money, then that is the frequency at which you are vibrating at in terms of money. When a baby is born into a rich family, he or she will normally feel very comfortable around money and therefore attract it easily because they learned that it was always there and effortless to have. Similarly when a baby is born into a poor family, the same thing happens. The child feels stress around money, feels that money is lacking and learns to have a relationship to money based on lack. Well I’ve got to tell you that you can change that and eliminate that negativity from your subconscious mind. Once that is done your conscious thoughts about prosperity will be so powerful that you will manifest it at speeds you never thought possible.

Thought Shifting and Quantum Shifting haven’t been around very long but it’s become the most effective way to clear your blockages in one full sweep. If you’ve done much research into the law of attraction you’ll see that the most common thing keeping people from breaking through and getting what they want is the negativity in our subconscious minds acquired through conditioning. You’ll hear all kinds of names for it like limiting beliefs, paradigms, the critical voice, and resistance. Well, it’s all the same thing, it’s all underlying negativity stored in our mind body that makes decisions for us and reacts for us without us even knowing it because it’s such a primal part of who we are. When you are shifted, the negativity is erased and you no longer have that there as a block. Your conscious thoughts are in control as there are no negative subconscious thoughts underneath them to counteract the results. This will allow you to come up with ways to make money. It will just happen to you.

Attract money into your life by clearing the negativity in your subconscious mind. This necessary shift will free you in order to create and attract wealth and the life you want using more powerful conscious thoughts.

Success will be achieved through cash making ideas that is in great demand. Whereas there is no low supply of accessible cash making concepts, few of those truly are successful for the people who try to cash in on the money making ideas. Several folks who are involved in the business blame the cash creating ideas or blame themselves as a result of their company’s failure.

While there may be lots to blame to travel around several of those firms money creating concepts do not succeed because they do not maximize their money making ideas through the utilization of marketing. Selling has been a long time essential in the business world and while not an effective promoting arrange you are greatly minimizing your company’s possibilities of success. This is often only further supported after you participate in exceedingly highly competitive surroundings such as the worldwide marketplace generated by the internet.

When it involves marketing, the simplest path for a business to travel is to hunt the assistance found with a professional promoting company or site. Most new business entrepreneurs would love to believe that they will market their own cash creating ideas without the assistance or price of a professional service. This concept is soon abandoned though as these entrepreneurs see their businesses failing from their own marketing attempts.

The internet represents a vast network of competitors, potential shoppers, and advertising arenas that makes it incredibly difficult for a personal to develop their own marketing for their money creating ideas. So as to actually be a competitive component in the net atmosphere, it’s vital for an entrepreneur to understand the need of professional help in order to start out maximizing their cash creating ideas potential.

When you have a look at your marketing opportunities you’ll soon discover that there are various opportunities obtainable for you to pursue. It is common to seek out a promoting company that focuses on one vogue of promoting but this will be an Achilles heel to your cash making concepts because it could not represent the simplest marketing opportunity for you. To spot the most effective approach for you to maximize the potential of your money making concepts and realize the most effective method to plug your product or services look towards the opportunity of utilizing a site that offers multiple promoting opportunities. With a site that offers this big variety of marketing opportunities you’ll be able to discover the most efficient and effective strategies of accomplishing your cash making ideas.
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Learn To Attract Money
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